dyala sukkarieh

“I have lost a total of 30 kilograms of fat and have successfully maintained my weight ever since. Online coaching has helped me learn how to have a balanced diet and enjoy working out. It's not just your body that changes, but your life too. I highly recommend online coaching”.

mimi maalouly

I shaped my body and changed my life by training hard and following the diet plan with meals were delicious, satisfying and healthy. Online coaching has helped me learn consistency, portion control and that I should eat every few hours. I always say your body is a reflection of your life. Your body, like your life should always be a work in progress. Take care of it!

elie bitar

“I reached my goal by following the plans that were sent to me online. The diet plan had a variety of tasty meals that I never tried before and the training plan got me into my best shape. I was able to follow the exercises in the gym and train by myself without needing a trainer. I finally got a six pack and feel proud of my hard work. I love the professionalism at SLR and recommend them to anyone. You will see results”.

joyce hanna

“After being overweight and unhealthy, I finally lost weight and feel like a new woman. Online coaching was very easy for me to follow with recipes that I enjoyed cooking and exercises that I was able to understand by following the pictures. I was able to do many exercises at home which was very beneficial since I work and don't always have time to go to the gym”.

rita saad

“After trying for so long, It's the first time I was able to lose 5 kgs and feel more energized. It might seem difficult at first, but its worth it in the end. I was very motivated to start online coaching with SLR and had a lot of support. The plans are easy to follow and very straightforward”.

Joe Antoun

After years of struggling with my body features (basically getting fit and shredded) and finding the right combination of food and sports, I knew I needed to seek out a personal consultant who would help me out to achieve what I have longed for. It was so frustrating. Despite working out 2 hours a day 7 days a week and eating only proteins (no carbs), the results I wanted were never achieved. I had even dropped from 103kg back in 2006 till 74kg in 2013 and still did not look fit. I would go crazy on the cardio for an hour daily before hitting the weights for another hour. Between 2013 and 2018 my weight would fluctuate between 79kg and 82kg. Due to the holidays and a minor surgery in December 2018, I decided to take a break for 3 weeks and that was when my weight drastically increased to 88kg. I decided to get back to my old habits of eating only proteins and working out 7 days a week of 1 hour cardio and 1hour weight. My body was no longer reacting and in February 2019 I decided that a change has to take place. This was when I approached Maya Nassar @mayanassarfitness. Maya is a childhood friend of my wife, and I had been following her for a very longtime. I have always been impressed by her achievements. She now set me up with her personal trainer and Gym manager Bashar Diab @bashar.diab.fitness. I started with Bashar on February 25,2019. Since doing so, I haven’t looked back. The first few weeks felt weird, experiencing the amount of food intake he was giving me in comparison to the little I used to eat, and the amount of cardio I was allowed to do which is nothing compared to what I used to do. I started with a body fat of 22.8% and Muscle of 37.5%. Thanks to his knowledge and ability to support me today I stand at body fat of 14.3% and muscle mass of 41.5%. Now 3 months in and my progress has been significant especially in the last month or so. I put this down to the fact that I now look forward to training and following Bashar’s plan. He was able to help me achieve what I have been trying to do for many years. He taught me that eating carbs, fats, sugars isn’t bad if it is being properly incorporated with a diet plan and the right workout program. He also taught me that too much of cardio isn’t the right way. I want to thank him for changing my life style positively.

Sara Aoun

I have lost 12 kgs and feel extremely fit and healthy. I am in the best shape of my life! Online coaching helped me learn what to eat and how to do exercises in the gym without needing a personal trainer. The plans sent to me were very easy to follow and I really enjoyed the diet and workouts. I recommend online coaching because you will see results, have so much support and the plans are very easy to follow!

Ramona Hamdan

I am really thankful for the amazing work with online coaching because this has been the first time that I lose weight without being tortured psychologically. I have been very dedicated to my diet and training program and have already lost 4.5 kilograms in the first month.

Elias Khoury

My name is Elias Khoury, i used to workout at the gym years ago alone, without instructions and without any food plan, but i wasn't fully satisfied and my progress was really slow. I met my friend joe and i was really surprised from the transformation he achieved in a short period. I asked him about the secret, and he told me about start living right diet plans and training programs. So i decided to commit with them for 8 weeks before summer, so i can get the beach body i always wanted. After a very professional assessment through a video call, they sent me a customized diet plan with recipes, and a training program based on my body composition and goals. The meals were really delicious and healthy, and i never felt any hunger. My energy and strength start to improve since the first week, and i noticed immediate changes in my body. With a weekly follow up i achieved my goals in 8 weeks. I lost 5.5 kg and 7% from my body fat, and i gained a significant muscle mass. I learned a lot about the healthy life style, and the benefits of eating properly. Now i feel lighter but stronger. And i recommend their services to anyone who wants to invest in himself and reach a total transformation in all levels